What does Borkum gain from this development?

The gas will become available to Dutch and German households, and therefore also to Borkum. Borkum is at the centre of the energy transition, with a wind farm just off the coast and a gas extraction project 20 km away. It is conceivable that knowledge of the subsurface and energy transition could be used for energy issues on the island. We are happy to discuss this.

What happens if there is no German permit?

In June 2022, the Dutch government issued a final licence for this gas development project. Based on this, ONE-Dyas took a final investment decision in September 2022 and started concrete preparations. The schedule is to have the first gas available to German and Dutch households by August 2024. With the German licence, gas can also be extracted from German wells and the potential of natural gas is greater.

Are the studies done independent, since they were paid for by ONE-Dyas?

The studies were conducted by independent researchers from well-known, renowned and internationally reputable institutes. In accordance with the law, it is not the taxpayer but the applicant for the licence who bears the cost of these studies. The government and various advisory bodies subsequently review these studies.

What is ONE-Dyas doing to tackle visual pollution, which could affect tourism?

There are gas extraction platforms and wind farms at various locations in the North Sea, sometimes just a few kilometres from the coast. Platform N05-A will be located 20 kilometres from the coast. Research shows that its visibility is comparable to that of passing ships. In clear weather, the platform is visible about 30% of the time. The platform is wider and therefore lower than other gas extraction platforms. Its height from the seabed is 37.5 metres and comparable to the transformer station in the Riffgat wind farm, which can be seen off the coast of Borkum.

What is the risk of tsunamis?

This has been examined in the subsidence report prepared by a reputable research institute. The probability is nil. In the unrealistic case of the tremors, there will be no impact on the nearest islands.

Who bears the costs in case of pollution?

All studies show that the impact on the surrounding area remains (far) below the strict environmental standards. Should pollution nevertheless occur, ONE-Dyas is insured for it.