ONE-Dyas is a Dutch company headquartered in Amsterdam. ONE-Dyas engages in the exploration and production of natural gas from small fields in the Dutch, British and German parts of the North Sea. ONE-Dyas uses the accumulated knowledge and experience of the area to develop small fields in the North Sea safely and responsibly for as long as natural gas is needed. The development of the GEMS area is carried out by ONE-Dyas in a joint venture with Hansa Hydrocarbons Ltd. (Discover Exploration Ltd) and Energie Beheer Nederland (EBN), the company that invests on behalf of the Dutch government in the exploration, production and storage of gas and oil. ONE-Dyas, together with its partners and our trade association NOGEPA (the Dutch Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association), wants to ensure the safe and responsible extraction of natural gas from small fields in the North Sea and contribute to their integration in the energy transition.

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