Construction platform N05-A

Construction of platform N05-A at HMS Offshore Energy in Schiedam is in full swing. Before we enter the final phase of construction, in this timelapse video we look back at how it all started – and continued at a fast pace. An impressive feat of work by all involved!

Ready for the launch

The first steel was cut in December 2022. Meanwhile, construction inside the assembly hall is nearing completion. The top of the platform will then be moved outside so that testing can begin. The platform is expected to be transported to its location in the North Sea in the summer. The contracted companies for laying the pipeline, the cable to the wind farm and preparing the well in the North Sea are also ready to start. All this in order to be able to deliver the first natural gas by the end of 2024.

Economic boost

The platform will be built in the Netherlands and ONE-Dyas is also working with almost exclusively Dutch companies for the materials, installation and transport of platform N05-A. It is a deliberate choice that contributes to the Dutch economy and preserves jobs, knowledge and infrastructure that we desperately need now and in the future for the energy transition.