Permits and licences

There are several steps on the timeline towards the (final) permits for the GEMS project. On 18 February, the EIA Commission issued an assessment advice for the environmental impact report (EIR) for gas production in N05-A. This advice will be used by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate for the final licensing decision. Like the draft decision, the final decision will also be made available for inspection.

18 February 2022

Final advice of Commission for EIA

The Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment has issued the assesssment advice on the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for gas production N05-A in the North Sea. The conclusion is that the EIR contains the essential environmental information to make a decision about the gas production in block N05-A. In the EIR, the usefulness and necessity of the project are sufficiently described, according to the Commission.

23 April 2021 - 3 juni 2021

Draft permit decisions available for public inspection

The draft permission decision for the extraction plan, the draft environmental permit and the draft permit for the installation of the pipeline and power cable and the respective applications will be available for inspection from 23 April 2021. During the six weeks, there is an opportunity to submit a view to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Change and to ask questions to the Ministry or ONE-Dyas. All documents can be downloaded from, where you will also find the question form. You can ask questions or submit your views until 3 June 2021.

16 oktober 2020

Submission of production plan and permit applications (incl. EIA)

15 November 2019

Publication of views on the Notification N05-A

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate has published the bundle with all views and reactions to the notification intent environmental impact assessment ‘gas production N05-A’.

9 October 2019

EIA Committee advises Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy on directives

28 August, 4 & 10 September 2019

Drop-in information sessions

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate organises drop-in sessions for Dutch and German stakeholders in Roodeschool (28 August), Borkum (4 September) and Schiermonnikoog (10 September).

9 August 2019

Public display of the notification

On 9 August 2019, the notification was published on and

The notification was also available for viewing during opening hours in:

  • Municipality of Schiermonnikoog, Nieuwestreek 5, Schiermonnikoog
  • Municipality of Hogeland, Hoofdstraat-West 1, Uithuizen
  • Stadt Borkum, Neue Strasse 1, Borkum
  • Gemeinde Krummhörn, Rathausstraße 2, Krummhörn

3 June 2019

Submission of the notification N05-A (‘Mededeling’) by ONE-Dyas