ONE-Dyas is researching the opportunities for the production of natural gas in the GEMS area in the North Sea. ONE-Dyas does this in a joint venture with Hansa Hydrocarbons Ltd. (Discover) and Energie Beheer Nederland (EBN).

ONE-Dyas has started a gas production permit process from the N05-A gas field. An important part of the permit process is extensive research into the impact on nature and the environment. The focus for gas production is on an environmentally responsible and safe implementation that meets the wishes of stakeholders and contributes to making our energy needs more sustainable.

Safe and responsible

The Netherlands aims to have a CO2-neutral energy supply by 2050. Natural gas will continue to play a role in all scenarios to achieve this in the coming decades. Dutch natural gas has many advantages over importing natural gas from abroad. Because Dutch natural gas is cheaper and less polluting. It ensures that we are more independent of foreign countries in our energy supply. Moreover, it confers an economic advantage in the form of employment and income for the Dutch State. Therefore, the Netherlands will continue to produce gas where this can be done safely and responsibly. Read more...



Advice for scope and level of detail N05-A and Memorandum of reply published

On 30 July 2020, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate published the Advice for scope and level of detail N05-A.

Partly on the basis of this advice, the environmental impact report (EIA) will be drawn up. The Memorandum of Reply has also been published. In this document the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate gives his response to the views submitted. The documents have been drawn up in Dutch and German.

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NCEA advises on the scope and level of detail for EIA

On 9 October 2019, the The Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment (NCEA) issued the advice on the scope and level of detail for the environmental assessment (EIA) for gas production in block N05-A.

The NCEA recommends among others that in the EIA alternatives and measures that minimise the impact on marine mammals and migratory birds should be investigated, such as a alternative that restricts activities during important feeding and migratory periods.

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Permits and licences

The GEMS project goes through four phases, exploration, discovery, production and decomissioning. For the N05-A field, the exploration and discovery phase was completed in 2018. Permits are required before the production phase can start. 

ONE-Dyas will apply for various permits in the coming period. With the display of the notification, a formal start has been made with the m.e.r. procedure for the N05-A field. ONE-Dyas has chosen to follow an extensive procedure, in which the EIA Committee is also asked for advice on the EIA. Stakeholders can comment on notification, the EIA and the Wabo permit. Stakeholder responses are included in the next step of the process. Read more.