Installation work North Sea

In summer 2024, production platform N05-A will be installed in the North Sea to start production at the end of the year.

After one and a half years of construction, the platform will be ready to leave the yard and go on transport. Preparations for the installation work in the North Sea are currently being finalised. Several Dutch organisations are collaborating for this major operation.

Below is the broad outline of the planning from transport to production. This planning depends, among other things, on weather conditions.

Early August

Installation production platform N05-A

The N05-A production platform will be installed in the North Sea at the beginning of August. The installation will take place using a crane vessel that runs on liquefied natural gas instead of the commonly used diesel. This minimises emissions during installation.

End of August/September

Pipeline and power cable construction

A short, new natural gas pipeline of about 15 kilometres will be laid from production platform N05-A to the existing natural gas pipeline network of Noordgastransport (NGT). The platform will be the first offshore gas treatment platform in the Dutch North Sea to run entirely on wind energy. To this end, a cable will be laid to the nearby German wind farm Riffgat. This connection will ensure near-zero emissions while drilling wells and producing natural gas.


Mobile drilling rig

A temporary mobile drilling rig is expected to be placed at the project site during August. The drilling rig is bigger and higher than the final production platform and will only be there temporarily during well drilling. Subsequently, the production platform N05-A will be used to produce the natural gas.

End of 2024

First natural gas

By the end of 2024, the first natural gas will be produced from platform N05-A.