What are the consequences of this project for shipping?

The project area is located in a moderately trafficked part of the North Sea and is also used for shipping and fishing. A few kilometres north of the intended location of the platform is the Terschelling-German Bight shipping route. No shipping or other use is allowed in a zone of 500 metres around the platforms. This causes local restrictions for fishery, shipping and recreation (sailing). Within this safety zone, dragging fishing nets over the seabed and in the water column is not allowed either. The choice of location for the platform takes shipping and other uses into account. The platform will be equipped with the required navigation lights and collision prevention systems.

The platform will be located close to shipping lanes. What is the risk of collisions?

Shipping is prohibited within a zone of 500 metres around a platform. ONE-Dyas always conducts several safety studies for new and existing activities, including a study of the risks of collision with ships. The MARIN study, which is appended to the EIA, shows that the probability of a collision with the platform (worst-case approach) has been calculated at 1 / 273 years. All platforms are equipped with an Automatic Identification of Shipping System. (AIS system). This is a type of anti-collision system that raises the alarm well in advance of an approaching ship and thus a possible collision. The use of AIS reduces the chance of a collision, which in the worst case is calculated at once in 273 years, by another 75%.