There are many activities in and around the GEMS area. Can these go together?

The choice of location for the platform takes into account other uses. ONE-Dyas is aware of the effects the project may have on the environment and wants to be a reliable partner and good neighbour. This is achieved, among other things, by ensuring that the activities fit in as well as possible with the (other activities in the) surroundings. All this is done in the safest and most responsible way for both people and nature. ONE-Dyas is committed to proactively seeking dialogue and possible cooperation with stakeholders.

Cumulation test

The research in the cumulation test shows that there are no significant effects due to cumulation of effects of the intended activity N05-A with the effects of other activities that (may) take place in the future. To prevent cumulative effects with future projects of ONE-Dyas itself, ONE-Dyas will ensure that no cumulation of underwater noise occurs during the (simultaneous) implementation of the projects.