Announcement submitted for EIA N05-A

ONE-Dyas has submitted to the Ministry of Economic Affairs the announcement on the intention to prepare an environmental impact assessment for proposed gas extraction from N05-A. From Friday 9 August to Thursday 19 September 19, 2019 this announcement will be available for inspection and views can be submitted.
Frameworks for the EIA

The announcement  is the first formal step in the EIA-procedure.  The announcement contains a brief description of the proposed activity, the effects on the environment, nature and the environment, the legal framework and an overview of the alternatives, implementation variants and effects that will be examined in the environmental impact assessment (EIA).

Submit your opinion

Over the past year and a half, ONE-Dyas has proactively and transparently contacted stakeholders. By informing them in a timely manner about the project and entering into a dialogue with them, a large number of their wishes, ideas and concerns have been incorporated into the communication. Despite the careful preparation, some issues might have been overlooked, a research question is missing or, in your opinion, a research question should be formulated differently. You can make this known by submitting an opinion to the Ministry of Economic Affairs. This can be done digitally, in writing, by telephone and during the walk-in meetings. Visit for more information about submitting an opinion.